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Founded in 1899, the Zionist Federation (ZF) of the UK and Ireland continues to be the largest representative body for Zionist groups in the United Kingdom. Named in the Balfour Declaration of 1917, the ZF witnessed its incorporation into international law at San Remo and by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine.

The ZF is made up of over 30 constituent organisations with a range of political opinions and affiliations. The ZF is an organisation where all of these views can come together and be part of the conversation. ZF values debate but believes that it is our commonality that unites us rather than our differences that divide us. ZF is the UK affiliate of the World Zionist Organisation.

The ZF celebrates Israel and challenges its enemies. With over 50,000 members, the ZF engages in advocacy training, mobilises activists across the UK, holds speaking events, demonstrations and rallies, as well as many educational seminars and events. ZFUK promotes the real face of Israel, including the contribution Israel has made to the world, in Medicine, in Agriculture, in Science, in Cultural industries and in innovation to name just a few.


Check out our resource page on our website

In the above link, there are a number of useful booklets for students, as follows:

Blurred Red Lines.png
Israel and Zionism.png
Israel 70 for 70.png
Israels Forgotten Children.png
Israel's Minorities.png
Teaching to hate.png
Israel Settlements - the facts.png

The files for the above booklets are also in this link

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