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We have published a brand new, updated 2020 edition of our most popular booklet: “Israel and the Palestinians: A Guide to the Debate” by Professor Alan Johnson, editor of Fathom Journal. This is an essential resource for anyone who wants to understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

“Israel and the Palestinians: A Guide to the Debate”

As a Jewish student, you may get asked questions about Israel on campus that you may not know how to answer. This guide will help you through difficult discussions.

Watch UJS President James Harris explain why you should read the booklet:

Want to learn about the history? It explains the background to Zionism and the creation of the State of Israel.

Want to learn about the peace process? It provides the history, the context, the arguments and the options going forward.


Want to understand the situation in Gaza? Our guide provides a measured reflection on the humanitarian crisis there.

Want to understand why calling Israel an apartheid state is such a misrepresentation of reality? Our guide provides an honest, and critical, study of Israel, but explains the extraordinary challenges Israel faces in the West Bank.


Want to learn more about the anti-Israel boycott movement? Our guide explains the reasons why this movement is misguided at best and malignant at worst.


Want to understand the rise of the new antisemitism and antisemitic anti-Zionism? Particularly as it is found on the left? Our guide explains all.

The new booklet is a guide to the most pressing, and difficult topics in what can often be an emotive debate and has been updated to include events including Israel’s deal with the UAE.

There no shortage of information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. What we now have, is a hugely insightful guide to the debate

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